Claims Management Simplified

No more spreadsheets. No more headaches. Breathe a sigh of relief. This is claims management made easy.

Customers can’t over how easy is

All our customers use to make their working life simpler, more efficient and more productive.

Hello effortless efficiency. Bye-bye elevated stress levels.

Enjoy a claims management system packed with clever, time-saving features to keep you focused, on task and your business on track.

Customise your workflow

Create and control workflows that support your business best.

Set tasks and reminders

Stay up-to-date on claim status and delegate with ease.

Easy access, anywhere, anytime

Keep business moving 24/7, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Hello effortless efficiency. Bye-bye elevated stress levels.

Use with ANY device

Mobile, tablet or desktop. Android or iOS. Easily manage your data wherever you are, with whatever device suits you best.

Manage your business, your way

Customise the perfect workflow for you and your business. Add default tasks, lodge claims, create documents, send emails and more.

Stay on track, always

Quickly set tasks and reminders for you and your team and never miss a deadline again.

Understand your claims data better

Map visualisations help you find hotspots, plan site visits and more

Dig even deeper into your data helps you easily access more information, faster. Simply export to Excel for maximum analytics.

Search and find with ease

Find anything and everything quickly thanks to smart search capabilities. Save your favourite searches for even faster results next time.

Flexible, affordable pricing plans. Really.

Start with what you need now and adjust as your business grows. You choose.