Powerful tools to make your life easier

Features to run every part of your business

Our claims management software uses powerful tools to make your life easier – such as custom workflows, automations, reminders and portability.

Claims Management Software | Claims.io

Custom Workflow

Design a custom workflow that supports the way your business operates. You can send an email on certain events, add default tasks on lodgement or even create documents.
Claims Management Software | Claims.io

Tasks and Reminders

Manage all tasks you and your team. You will be reminded when tasks are due to be completed. Visualise all your tasks on in the daily, weekly and monthly calendar views.
Claims Management Software | Claims.io

Access on any device

Access your claims on your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or any other device that supports a modern web browser and has an internet connection.

Pricing to suit your needs – now and in the future…

Our flexible plans mean you can start where you are now, and move as your business grows.